Auction Services - How It Works

What is K-BID online auctions is the premier online auction venue in the Upper Midwest. K-BID has proven that combining the modern technology of the internet together with the auction process is highly effective at bringing buyers and sellers together.

Why sell with K-BID?

Auctions are a perfect fit for sellers who have a lot of items and a short time frame to sell them in. Excitement is generated from the auction process, creating a competition between bidders that help to drive up the bid prices.

K-BID has sold over $200M worth of assets in its history and hosts more than 4,000 auctions per year on the site.

If you are just getting started with K-BID and want to learn more, including some new bidder information, we suggest you start here.

What can I buy/sell on K-BID?

The short answer is: nearly anything. Every day, bidders go to to look for vehicles, trailers, commercial and farm equipment, household goods, tools, construction materials, recreational vehicles, boats, motorcycles, ATVs, UTVs, snowmobiles and more.

Some items are prohibited and I-35 Auctions can provide you with more information about those items if you have questions.

What is the role of I-35 Auctions?

I-35 Auctions is a family-owned, independent affiliate of K-BID. We are one of the many independent companies who K-BID works with to bring a wide range of auctions to you on the site.

We work hard to put your auction online and manage the whole process for you from start to finish. You can trust that I-35 Auctions is committed to providing buyers and sellers with the attention to detail that will make your experience a success. Our goal is to perform our role in an honest and professional manner that will make you want to become a repeat client in the future.

More Questions?

Do you have other questions or would like to ask about listing your assets with I-35 Auctions for a future K-BID online auction? Please submit your question on the Contact Us page.